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Float Therapy

Basics of Floating 

Water is approximately 95 degrees - close to body temperature;
Approximately 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt in the water keeps you weightless; Customize your float session - do prefer quiet and darkness to relax or do you prefer candles, deep meditative music and aromatherapy?  Let us help make your float session special for YOU!
Pick either a 30, 60 or 90 minute float session; Float room contains a shower.  Shower prior to getting into the float tank to remove any soaps, hair care products, lotions, etc. Shower after completing your float to remove excess salt from your hair and body; Water is triple filtered between sessions; High levels of Epsom Salt inhibit bacteria growth;

Benefits of Floating

Reduces anxiety & depression; Improves sleep; Alleviates stress & boosts mood; Revitalizes the body and mind; Decreases production of cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline; Increases production of endorphins; Relieves pain; Expands awareness & creativity; Promotes calmness & relaxation; Improves athletic performance (helps prevent sports injuries and speeds healing); Reduces blood pressure & heart rate; Improves circulation & immune system.

Conditions Benefiting from Floating

Chronic pain;
Rheumatoid arthritis;
Tension headaches;
Muscle tension;
Whiplash symptoms;
Cardiovascular health - which involves the heart, veins,  blood vessels;
High blood pressure;
Recovery after sports injuries;
Brain function;
Insomnia & other sleep disturbances;
Depression, anxiety, high stress levels;
Fear-driven phobias;
Substance abuse disorder