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Massage & Body Work Services

Swedish Massage - A series of calming, rhythmic strokes are used to promote healing, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, increase oxygen flow in the body, and flush metabolic waste from muscle tissue.  This type of massage is ideal for both first-time guests and anyone looking to relax and relieve stress.

Deep Tissue Massage - Sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual guest.  Deep, purposeful strokes, targeted digital pressure, friction, and stretching may be used to relieve muscle tightness, trigger points, and myofascial pain.  This type of massage is best for guests looking for relief from specific pain or those hoping to increase range of motion in specific areas.

Medical Massage - Assists the body in its natural healing process.  Medical massage uses a variety of techniques adapted to the needs of the client and may include Swedish strokes, connective tissue work, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, muscle energy work, or acupressure.

Prenatal Massage - A variety of strokes are used to address the physical and mental changes a woman may experience during pregnancy.  Massage can aid in sleep, reduce fluid retention, help stabilize hormone levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and help eliminate pain brought on by postural changes.  This therapy is not recommended in the first trimester.  Please consult your physician before booking a pregnancy massage.

Sports Massage - Sessions are designed to work with the needs of each individual athlete.  A mixture of Swedish, deep tissue, and connective tissue strokes may be used in addition to stretching.

Couples Massage - Couples massage is simply two individuals receiving massage in the same room, at the same time.  Any of the available types of massage are available during couples massage.  Couples massage is perfect for husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mother and daughter, etc... it works for any two people that want to experience massage together.  Couples massage is limited to a 40, 60 or 90 minute session.

Cupping Therapy - Medical grade cups are used during your massage to work over adhesions and restricted areas.  The cups pull the tissue away from the body encouraging a softening of the tissue.  The cups increase blood flow and help to remove toxins from the body.  Cupping therapy is similar to deep tissue but works by pulling the tissue away from the body instead of pushing the tissue deeper into the body.  It's been suggested that 10-15 minutes of cupping therapy is more effective than a deep tissue massage.  Many athletes find great relief with cupping therapy.

Hot Stone Massage - Hot stones are used during your massage to actually massage your muscles.  The heat from the stones helps to increase circulation and ease away muscular tension. There are certain medical conditions that are contraindicated to receiving hot stone massage.  Your therapist will discuss with you after completing your health history form.

Pure Bliss Treatment - Approximately 60 minutes.  Whole body massage incorporating hot stones on the back massage, face wrapped with warm towel infused in tea tree oil and hands dipped in warm paraffin wax and wrapped in warm mitts.

Aromatherapy Massage & Treatment - Approximately 50 minutes, whole body massage.  Client can choose either essential oil of lavender or peppermint.  Essential oils will be infused into the massage oil and used to massage the body.  We incorporate hot stones into your back massage, hot towels will wrap your feet and face and we will place a moist hot towel under your neck to help soothe away aches and pains.

Chiropractic Care - Initial treatment is approximately 30 minutes.  Follow-up sessions are approximately 15 minutes.