Hamilton Massage Therapy

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What to Expect During Your Massage Session

Please feel free to talk with me if you have any concerns about receiving massage.  It is important that you are comfortable during the massage.

You should plan on arriving 10-15 minutes early for your first massage.  This will allow you time to complete a basic health information form.  I will go over your health form and talk with you about any concerns you have.

The massage room is completely private with soft music and dim lighting, designed to encourage the relaxation response.  You will have plenty of time to settle in on the warm massage table prior to your massage.

During your massage session, you will be covered with a sheet and blanket.  Only the muscle group that is currently being massaged is uncovered.  Genital areas and women's breasts are covered at all times.  Many people prefer to wear underpants during a massage.  The choice how much or how little you are clothed is totally yours.  While you are undressing and dressing, you will have complete privacy.

Talking during a massage is optional and totally the choice of the patient.  Most individuals trying to reach a deeply relaxed state prefer silence, whereas others relax by talking and enjoy more of the social interaction.

There are certain situations in which caution should be taken when receiving massage.  It is generally agreed up that persons with uncontrolled high blood pressue, heart disease, recent surgery or fractures, phlebitis, fever, or infections (especially those that can be spready by skin contact, e.g. bacterial, viral, or fungal) need to consult their physicians.